run aground

Local on the Water Towing via Tow Boat U.S.

Getting stuck out on the water can be a very inconvenient, if not dangerous thing. It’s not like the road where you can get out, walk to the nearest gas station, or easily call a friend for assistance. That said, on-water towing services have been around for a while and have been a great peace-of-mind option for many a boater. With some really nice benefits and discounts, as well as the largest network of towing ports in the U.S., we […]

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Greenlight_Digital_Witness_Glowing (1)

Greenlight…an IoT Digital Witness?

Boom, crunch, boom goes the front of my car as I slam into the Ford Escort that just recklessly swerved in front of me and slammed on its brakes. And for what? There was no hazard, there was no reason. Rather, the driver of the Escort clearly had other things in mind…like milking my insurance. After all, in a rear end accident, the rear-ender is almost always at fault. What I wouldn’t have done to have this somehow recorded, somehow […]

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The Thrill of Invention

Some might argue that nothing beats the thrill of dropping in to a 20-foot wave, or carving across a huge, open face of untracked powder. Others might argue that base jumping off an illegally-climbed tower in mid-town Chicago tops it all. However, having been a many-time-patron of two of these wilder moments (nope, I haven’t done the base jumping), I can say that the thrill of coming up with a new idea, seeing it through to completion, and finally holding […]

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Boat Dock Gas header

Boater Brain Teaser 01: The Boat Gas Tab

The Boat Gas Tab Three people split a $30 boat gas charge paying $10 each. Even though the dock attendant was extra helpful, they do not include a tip. As they are leaving, the attendant realizes that they should have only been charged $25 for their gas as their tank was topped off at that exact amount. As a result, the attendant, since he was not tipped, decides to keep $2 and give the 3 people back only $1 each. […]

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It’s All About Being on the Water

The one thing that just about any boater can identify with is the great emotion and excitement that surrounds finally shoving off from the dock, riverside or pier. Such a move means we have packed our provisions for our trip or outing, gassed up, planned several aspects of what we define as fun, and are generally leaving the more stressful world behind on our floating escape. We’ve got our “ride” in great working order and know that it will take […]

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WSIA Summit 2016

As a start-up in the marine industry we knew right away that joining the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) was mission critical. Not only would this provide us access to valuable data in the marine industry, but also connections to a host of different, to-be-affected businesses through the advent of our product. Spanning everything from fishing to wake surfing, the marine industry is an exciting zone of focus. And heck, any chance to show a high-end Mastercraft, well, we’ll do […]

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